Paul Revere Heritage Project


About this Website

This website is the project of the Boston University Graduate History Club. The club exists not just for history majors but also for anyone who is willing to learn more about the past and to share the findings with others. Our members gather regularly to participate in discussions, projects and organize events that promote the open flow of ideas about history.

Why did we create a website about Paul Revere? The answer is simply because we believe that history fans need a resource that combines both basic facts and in-depth research about the famous Boston silversmith.

There is already a good number of quality websites and recently published books about Revere. Some of these sites only contain basic information that you would expect to find in a short encyclopedia article. Others contain lot of extra insight that may be hard to understand to someone who is not familiar with the whole story.

Our goal was to create a resource that would be interesting not just for beginners but also for anyone who would like to start exploring Revere’s life in-depth. We also through it would be interesting to collect other media such as portraits and illustrations of Revere and his ride, a virtual tour of Revere’s landmarks in Boston and an exhibition of the master’s silver works. In other words, the bits and pieces of everything that can help to understand the world in which Revere lived and fought for the cause of American Revolution.

We hope you enjoy visiting the site. If you have questions about the material presented here or need help with your own history project, do not hesitate to drop us a line at