Paul Revere Heritage Project


Facts about Paul Revere You May have not Known

  1. Paul revere certainly did not shout the famous phrase which was later attributed to him, "The British are Coming!". The main reason to believe this expression to be inaccurate was that colonists were all considered British at that time.
  2. A not commonly known fact is that Revere is credited by the Central Intelligence Agency as the creator of the first Patriot intelligence network on record.
  3. “The Paul Revere’s Ride” by Henry W. Longfellow is not the only poem written about the historic journey. “The Midnight Ride of William Dawes” was written in 1896 by Helen F. Moore as a poetic complaint on behalf of William Dawes who rode along with Revere from Boston to Lexington.
  4. PR produced dental prosthetics and by some accounts even advertised as a dentist
  5. Revere's engraving of the Boston Massacre depicted the position of bodies with such great accuracy that it was even used during the Boston Massacre trial.
  6. Paul Revere participated in the Boston Tea Party dressed as "Mohawk".
  7. The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere was not particularly celebrated during his life, even after the end of the American Revolution.
  8. PR was once accused of disobeying the orders of his commanding officers. This occurred during his service in the militia in the high rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
  9. Paul revere silver shop produced more than 5000 pieces of silver works.
  10. The business founded by PR, Revere Copper Products, Inc. still operates today in Massachusetts and several other locations. Its first copper rolling mills in Canton, MA produced sheathing for USS Constitution and for the dome of the Massachusetts statehouse.
  11. Some of the more curios items produced by Rvere’s silver shop were a chain for a pet squirrel, an ostrich egg snuffbox, surgical instruments and a child’s whistle.
  12. PR was never a member of the Old North chuch where the famous "One if by land, and two if by sea" lanters where hanged. The Old North has been a part of the Anglican/Episocopal Church, the official church of the British Crown. Revere himself like many other patriots was a Congregationalist, the regligion which drew its roots in Puritanism.
  13. On the day of Revere's ride his wife, Rachael, had become concerned over his absence. Fearing the worst, she contacted Benjamin Church who was a member of the Sons of Liberty and gave him 125 pounds to see if he could locate Paul and deliver the money. She probably thought that Paul could use the money to bribe his way out if he had been arrested. A short time later Revere arrived home.
  14. Paul Revere was also the Boston's Fire Warden in 1775. Like several other patriots including Samuel Adams and John Hancock, Revere held the honorable post of one of Boston nine’s fire marshals.