Paul Revere Heritage Project


Paul Revere's Grave at the Granary Burial Ground

The Granary Burial Ground in Boston may not be the most cheerful place to visit, but the list of Paul Revere landmarks wont’ be complete without it. Revere gravestone has a simple inscription, “Paul Revere Bourn in Boston, January 1734, Died May 1818. Many visitors are confused by the fact that there are two headstones bearing the name of Paul Revere. This is because Paul Revere Sr., Paul Revere's father, is also buried here. Which of course is also confusing because the father’s actual name was Apollos Rivoire, but he anglicized his French name after coming to Boston.

The Granary is the third oldest burring place in Boston, not the oldest on as many sources incorrectly state. It was named this way because it was located next to a grain storage that once stood where the Park Street Church is located. When it was established in 1660 it was actually a part of the Boston Common. It holds graves of approximately 5,000 people but there are only 2,345 gravestones.