Paul Revere Heritage Project


Old Granary Burying Ground

The Old Granary Burying Ground located on Tremont Street was founded in 1660 and it is the third oldest burying ground in Boston. It is located next to Park Street Church and across from Suffolk University Law School.

The Old Granary was initially named South Burying Ground until 1737 when it took its current name. It was named for the 12,000 bushel grain storage building that stood next door of what today is Park Street Church. In 1830 Massachusetts officials attempted to change the name to Franklin Cemetery to honor the family of Benjamin Franklin but the effort did not go through.

The Granary is the resting place of approximately 5000 to 8000 people but there are only 2300 gravestones. Because land was scarce and funerals expensive there would be one gravestone per family.

Many famous men and women are buried here. The graves of Benjamin Franklin’s parents are located near the central obelisk. The bodies of Patriots John Hancock, Paul Revere, James Otis and Samuel Adams rest in this cemetery as well as the victims of the Boston Massacre. Elizabeth Vergoose who is believed to be the creator of Mother Goose was also buried in the Granary.